It’s all about the Flashback with Neon Signs

You may have noticed recently that the 1920s are very much back in fashion. Short and wavy hair and shift dresses can be seen just about everywhere. This trend extends past clothing and hairstyles to lighting and signs, as well. Neon signs first became popular in the 1920s and remained the sign of choice through to the 1950s.
It is with good reason that businesses are once again choosing neon ahead of LED or other signage options.

Neon and nostalgia

Neon reminds us of watching American television shows as a child. It reminds us of walking down busy streets at night, holding the hand of a parent. While LED has its advantages, it cannot replicate the emotions that neon successfully evokes.

Staying green

As society has shifted towards more environmentally friendly products at the same time LED took over from neon, it may surprise you to know that neon lights use very little energy. Since the lighting effect comes from small electrical currents running through gasses, the amount of power needed is quite low. This means they cost approximately the same as LED lighting to run, and are no worse for the environment!

Standing out

The complexity of neon lights allow a business to create striking shapes with dramatic angles and curves. It’s a unique look that cannot be achieved any other way. It gives a business the edge over others, especially in busy areas. Neon can be spotted from a distance, even during the day.
Creativity with neon is essential. When there are so many customisable options, why stick with an “open” sign? Artists have been using neon for years to create beautiful imagery. Try creating an image or clever sign to really stand out among the crowd, or combine neon with another material.
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